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  • The timing and benefits of a chick cutoff

    Chickens’ fighting behavior is innate. In order to prevent the formation of slashing addiction and reduce the casualty rate caused by slicing, the chickens need to cut their beaks, which can also save feed consumption. So when is the best time for a chick to cut its beak? Why do chicks have their...
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  • The reason for the shortening of the peak egg production period

    The peak egg production period of laying hens refers to the duration when the egg production rate is above 88%, and the length of the egg production peak period directly affects the breeding efficiency of this batch of laying hens. The main reasons for the shortening of the peak egg production pe...
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  • Chicken raising tips, farmers must know

    Raising chickens is also a science. Many large chicken farmers have experience in raising chickens, and their chickens always grow well. In fact, most experienced chicken breeders will have some chicken raising skills, which can avoid many detours in the process of raising chickens, so today I wi...
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  • How much do you know about the taboos of raising chickens?

    There are many ways to do chicken. But raising chickens also has some taboos. Let’s take a look at the taboos of raising chickens. 1.The plateau is not suitable for raising broilers. Oxygen at the plateau is low, which cannot meet the needs of broiler chickens for oxygen and heat, aggravati...
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  • Ways to raise chickens to avoid getting sick

    Many chicken diseases do not occur suddenly. In many cases, it is due to the existence of long-term incentives, which leads to further disease in chickens. Therefore, in the process of disease prevention, the following 4 common incentives should be avoided. If one of the following problems is fou...
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  • Advice for broiler farming

    Breeding focuses on management, and breeding focuses on health care. The occurrence of any disease corresponds to a mistake in a certain feeding and management link. Now there are more and more diseases, and it is more and more difficult to deal with. Therefore, preventive health care is the focu...
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  • 5 reasons for defective eggs. Avoid eggs after eggs are excellent. a lot of benefits

    Raising laying hens relies on selling eggs to make money. If the eggs are of poor quality, it will definitely affect the income. However, laying hens will produce some sharp-preserved, soft-preserved, speckled or light-shelled eggs, which can be very annoying to farmers. Below, we will introduce ...
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  • Water drinking of chicks in summer

    For chicken farmers, the feeding and management of chicken flocks in hot summer is more troublesome, because chicken flocks always have various problems in hot weather, so how much water should chickens feed in summer? Feed warm water or cold water? 1. Provide drinking water according to the amo...
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  • Beginners raising chickens pay attention to 6 points to double their performance

    One: The breeding density should not be too large The chicken coop can hold 10,000 chickens, but only 8,000 chickens are raised. The high stocking density is the root cause of the disease and the main reason for the low feed conversion rate. If the density of chickens is too large, the food will ...
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  • Things to pay attention to when raising broilers

    1. Insulation and cold protection, do not forget to ventilate In winter, the climate is cold, and the temperature required in the house is very different from the outside temperature. It is necessary to ventilate and maintain the temperature inside the house. The chicken house requires good cold-...
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  • How to raise chickens to gain weight quickly

    First, the method of adding methionine: feeding chickens with 4 grams of methionine and a few microorganisms in every 5 kg of chicken feed will increase the weight quickly. Second, the method of feeding cooked cornmeal: 1 chicken is fed 200 grams of cooked cornmeal every day, and it is artificia...
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  • Tips for raising chickens

    1. Adjust the appropriate temperature and humidity to improve the survival rate of chicks. The newly hatched chicks are small, delicate, short-haired, have low heat preservation ability, and their body temperature regulation function is not perfect until they are 3-4 weeks old. Therefore, doing a...
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